The Region

The Gers region is famous for it’s gastronomy.

Corn, wheat, rapeseed and sunflowers surround you.  Stunning delicacies on sale at local farms.

Famous wine producers with the Armagnac, considered to be the oldest drink in the world!

Take a look around

The Gers region is known for its gastronomy.

As a fine producer of corn, wheat, rapeseed and sunflower which is used for breeding ducks and transformed into delicacies on local farms such as Foie Gras, and Confit de Canard.

Gers is also a large producer of alcohol and wine.  Armagnac, considered the oldest “eau de vie” (water of life) in the world,  as well as Côtes-de-Gascogne, Floc de Gascogne, the red Madiran, Côtes de Saint-Mont and AOC Tursan.

You can visit the cellars and taste the wines at the winemakers from Monday through to Saturday.

The Pyrenees can be visible from A. Gaillut and are within reach for a day’s venture. It is about 100km to the highest peak of the mountain range.

Nogaro Race Track

We are approximately 5km from the Paul Armagnac Race Circuit at Nogaro which holds great motor sporting events.  We warmly welcome teams taking part in racing events and are able to offer you local bed and breakfast.

The great outdoors

The Gers is a wonderful part of France to explore by car or on your bicycle. There is beautiful scenery along the country roads with a view at every turn including picturesque villages, churches, hills, woodland and vineyards. Visit some of our local lakes for a swim or canoeing, paddle boarding or other water activities.

Something different

Want to try something new? How about landing a helicopter or light aircraft!  The aerodrome in Nogaro has lots going on including gliding.  A perfect way to see the beautiful Gers region from up high.

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